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What is the important of After-sale Service?

After-sales service is providing kinds of serve action after we sell。

As the intensify competition of market, after-sale service is part of main reason before purchasing action.The customer not only pay attention on product quality ,but also important on after-

sales service. This is the important link during the sale. Although after-sale service is only a small part of the whole,but it still a can’t ignore link。So all we work must be around“Customer

satisfaction”as a main work point.From the customer perspective and satisfy customer’s true demands. Provide high quality service。

Customer declare the complain ---after-sale department accept---organize team to discuss--find solution---send solution to customer-----discuss the solutions with customers--customer accept solution-- execute the solution
What service can we provide ?

1. We provide fast after-sale service on email or phone, our team will reply you within 6 will always get quick response。

2. We always keep touch with you after sale, We will record and inform you all situation of products. Follow and solve customers feedback and suggestion including the complain。

3. We will pay a visit termly to our customers. Inquiry the product situation and your advise。

4. If we receive the complain from customers ,we will reply you within 6 hours and look for solutions within 2-5 days。
5. After solve your complains ,we will look for the reason and make a policy to prevent this situation to happen again。

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