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     Our Corporate Social Responsibility !

         Corporate Social Responsibility means the enterprises should be undertake the social responsibility and protect the environmental while seek the Benefit. At the same time,create better working conditions and improve living conditions also the very important point. We fulfil the Social Responsibility from below points.

Environmental Protect: We take steps as energy saving and emission reduction,Promote renewable energy,Reduce waste and pollutant emissions ect to decrease the environmental pollution.

Employee Welfare: Provide a fair compensation system,Safe working environment,career training and development opportunities,Caring for the physical and mental health of employees.

Supply Chain Management: Establishing partnerships with suppliers,Ensure sustainability and ethical operations in the supply chain.

Community Support: Participate in community development projects,Provide resource support,Compulsory labor, education and training, etc to improve the lives of community residents.

Charitable Donations: Aid financially education,health and disaster relief and help the vulnerable groups.

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