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MG Packing Industrial co., Ltd established in 2013.We are a premier manufacturer & exporter of quality cosmetics & Perfume package. Such as : Cosmetics bottle ,perfume bottle, reed diffuser bottle, essential oil bottle and so on. After long time hard work& good service we deserve worldwide customers .Our main market is Europe .south America ,North America .Asia ect。

As a progressive and growing company ,our professional and experienced staff are ready to give you an excellent service Our factory are ready to supply you fashion design, eco-friendly & high quality cosmetic packaging。

Advanced production equipment and the strict implement of the 5S management system ISO quality management model ensure the excellent quality of the products。

Over the years, our company win more &more good reputation from our customers because of the reliable quality ,Reasonable price and good service .We always try our best to provide better quality &Service for our customers all over the world。

Main Products&Perfume Bottle&Reed Diffuser Bottle&Essential Oil Bottle&Cosmetics Bottle

Shampoo Bottle&Reed Diffuser Bottle

One Stop Cosmetics&Skincare Bottle Solution
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1.   Recycling: Glass bottles can be recycled through recycling stations, supermarkets and

other ways, need to pay attention to classification recycling, cleaning and avoid damage.

2.   Reuse: Glass bottles can be made into vases, ornaments or artworks, which can beautify

the home environment and save resources.

3.   Safe handling: It is necessary to avoid throwing glass bottles around or breaking them

at will during handling.

In the manufacturing process, recycling waste glass can be used to reduce waste generation

and energy consumption. At the same time, use clean energy such as solar energy wind energy

and water energy  to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the process of treatment,

environmental protection should be paid attention to and chemicals should be avoided.

Waste glass bottles can also be crushed and used to make sand, building materials, etc.,

or donated to people in need, such as grassroots schools, community institutions, etc., to

play a variety of uses.

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[More than 14 years of experience] MG is a professional manufacturer of glass bottle packaging, is your first choice for cosmetic packaging, One Stop cosmetics &Skincare Package Solution.